Fire Prevention

October 1, 2011
Fire Prevention Display at Home Depot
Photos by Robert Ward

February 21, 2011
Station visit from area Mom's Club
for fire prevention program
Photos by Robert Ward


Some of our volunteers, along with members from Ringing Hill,
displayed a few pieces of equipment, distributed fire prevention literature,
and conducted fire safety demonstrations in the parking lot at our local Home Depot

Use your imagination -
the parking lot is a stove top, the trash can is a pot, and it has caught on fire

Slide the lid onto the pot
              from the side -

     NOT down onto the pot

Several of the spectators decided they would find out
first hand how to properly use a fire extinguisher

Hey Kids,

Click on the pictures below to learn
 more about fire safety

Grown-ups ... here's your chance to play firefighter... click on the logo below

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